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What We are About – Second Chance Locators

Second Chance Locators is a seasoned team of current and former real estate agents and dedicated, enthusiastic professionals with decades of experience. We are not limited to finding residential second chance apartments or rentals willing to pay a referral fee or commission. We can provide apartments and private rentals that pay referral fees or commissions or don’t. Our strategy allows us to do the research for our clients to access 100% of the available rental properties in any given market. We will locate properties that give second chances that are not only superior in quality, but safer and more convenient for their lives. Our service is geared to provide quality second chance apartments and private homes for clients with challenges preventing them from leasing nearby second chance rentals. We are able to find our clients properties willing accept their applications virtually anywhere in the United States. Have more questions about Second Chance Locators? Contact us!

Apartment Locators and Real Estates Agents are Extremely Limited.

Few people outside the metropolitan areas of  Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Tennessee and Missouri have ever used apartment locators.  Most apartment locators and agents will mislead their clients by stating they work with all the residential properties in your area. In reality most properties and landlords do not work with apartment locators or agents. Approximately 50% to 70% of the properties where apartment locators in areas where are used do not pay apartment locators a referral fee or commission. As a result, we can offer alternatives.  Most areas of the United States do not work with apartment locators at all. Apartment locators will not attempt to find private homes because they are not paying members of the local real estate boards. As a result, they cannot provide MLS listings that offer private residential homes with private yard, garages or swimming pools. They can only refer their client to apartments complexes willing to pay them a commission or referral fee. But we can provide both. 

The Disadvantages of Commissioned Based Agents.

 Apartment Locators and agents can only refer their client to properties that are willing to pay a commission. Very few apartment locators and agents are real estate brokers. They are sponsored by a real estate Brokers required by state statutes. The Brokers receive the commissions from the properties their agents refer to. They in turn pay their agents and locators a percentage of the commission. The percentages normally range from 50% to 40% of the entire commission. For example, if a locator or agent secures an apartment for $1000 a month rent on a year lease the locators or agent then is required to share the commission with their sponsoring Broker. The agent or locator my receive a $500 or $600 commission if the landlord or property management is paying a 100% commission or equal to 1 month’s rent. In the real world most properties that work with locators and agents only pay a 50% commission. Often the commission is even less. So now the pay is cut in half or even more for the agents and locators. If a good agent secures $3000 in leases a week at 100% commission then they have earned $1500.00 for that particular week after splitting 50% with their Broker. This is hardly a road to prosperity. It is simply survival income. This is why locators and agents tend to send their client to properties that pay a 100% commission. They won’t consider referring clients to properties that pay only a 50% commission. If the agent secures $3000.00 in leases in one week the agent only earns $750.00 after splitting the $1500.00 commission with their Broker. This encourages agents and locators to make certain their client is never aware of all the properties on the market offering less than 100% commissions. This is especially true when it comes to second chance apartments or rentals.

Our Advantages

This will simply never happen to our clients. We can offer everything possible on the market. We are not limited to chasing or sharing commissions. We have zero limitations. Please refer to our Terms of Guarantee page for details. This is how confident we are you will be more than please with our services. We will find and help you get approved for second chance rentals you truly desire and deserve. 

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