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“Second Chance Locators found me a very nice apartment for me within 1 day in Chicago. I have bad credit and an eviction 3 years ago and still found me an apartment that would work with me. Before I contacted them, I was searching for an apartment for weeks and found nothing. Thank you, Second Chance Locators, for finding me a place to live.”  
Miguel testimonial
Miguel H.
“Ok I called around so many other second chance apartments to see if they can help me get a 2 Bedroom apartment and when I paid them, they sent me a list of properties. What was I supposed to do with those? They told me to apply to all of them and what was the point? So I called another company called “Second Chance Locators” and explained to them my situation and they told me that they have special relationships with properties all over the nation and as part of their service, they will work for their client on their behalf to get approved. I said “Fantastic!” Once I got to talk to Elle, I realized this is the company I want to deal with since they know what they are talking about and what they will do for me. Been living in a hotel for 8 months now, I make 100K/year and my credit score was 580’s and have 6K balance on my report not to mention an old misdemeanor. I was so desperate; I needed a place and so they helped me right away. OMG, this is a breakthrough in my life, they got me approved and I’m so thankful to them. Great job!”
Kurt testimonial
Kurt R.

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second chance locator testimonial

“If it were not for Second Chance Locators, me and my family would still be living in motel to motel. Second Chance Locators found a rental house that is in a friendly neighborhood for my family that is affordable and satisfies our needs.”    

Nathan W.​

  “My newlywed husband and I have been renting from this landlord who has been very nice to us, he said he will give us a letter as good renter, but we really want to move out. Our landlord loves to party, drink, and have people over and we end up not only cleaning our room but his mess too. We are so done. We found Second Chance Locators online and they interviewed us and understood our situation. Being that we wanted to move ASAP, they managed to get us a place and now we my husband and I can start our life. We are so pleased with their business. We highly recommend Second Chance Locators to anyone who ever needs help like we did. Our credit score was in the mid 400’s among other things that we thought we couldn’t be approved for on my husband’s side, but they did it, they found us a place where we wanted to be close to work and all the places my husband and I can get to in the Twin Cities. Thanks again for all your effort Second Chance Locators!  God Bless you.” 

Dina M.

second chance locator testimonial