Second Chance Locators offers residential rental properties willing to offer second chances. We are not a commission based agency. We will open up your world with second chance properties near you. We understand people often deserve a second chance. We have helped thousands from all over the United States in securing apartments and private homes. We know life has its ups and downs. We live in a computerized age where every little thing we do is in a database somewhere. Some of us go through divorces. Some of us lose a spouse or friend we rely on. Some of us endure medical hardships. Some of us suffer job losses. Often people just lose focus, ignore the rules of society and get into trouble. We live in some very challenging times. Second Chance Locators is a valuable resource designed to assist people who have fallen on hard times. Not all of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouth.

Some of the things we can help with are

  1. Broken leases or rental debts
  2. Evictions
  3. Foreclosures
  4. Bad credit, bankruptcies
  5. Nonviolent criminal backgrounds

Realtors and apartment locators are restricted because they are commission based. They will not refer you to properties that are not willing to pay them a commission or referral fee. It is how they make their money. We are not a commissioned based service that relies on landlords or properties to pay us a commission or referral fee. This actually opens up a whole new world of opportunity for people searching for second apartments and rentals. Did you know most landlords and apartment complexes in the do not use realtors or apartment locators. They are not willing to pay commissions. By not being a commission based agency we can work with second chance properties that pay commissions plus those that do not pay commissions. We can offer you much more second chance rentals than any realtor or apartment locators could possibly ever offer. We work with anyone who is willing to offer 2nd chance leases virtually anywhere. Using our services will  not only save you time but money as well. We can offer a nearly infinite  number of properties willing to offer second chance leasing.  After one of our consultants speaks contacts you and you decide to move forward with our services, we will then ask a series of questions that are specifically designed to help us assist you. Once the brief interview is complete, we will then get on the phone to contact our vast network of second chance apartments and landlords. We will  do our very best to secure  second chance rentals, condos or homes for you.  Over 90%  of our clients are able to successfully secure second chance rentals by using our services. We do all the foot work for you. Our resources are nearly limitless.

If you have bad credit, broken lease, eviction you may expect to pay an extra deposit or risk fee from the prospective management company or landlord we find for you. We will do our best to make sure all the details are known to you up front. We are professional consultants will  advise you on what you need to do to successfully acquire a 2nd chance lease. We also assist you in negotiating with any future landlords or second chance properties.

If you have a nonviolent criminal ground still help though it may be a bit more challenging. It all depends on how old the conviction is, what the conviction was for and how long you been off probation or parole. Nevertheless, we have helped thousands of people with criminal backgrounds secure adequate 2nd chance rentals .

Be prepared to show proof of income and stable employment. You will also need to know your credit score. If you have a broken lease or eviction, we will need to know the date of either and the balances that are claimed to be owed. Several properties will accept older balances, broken leases and evictions. It helps if the balances owed are not very large.

If you have bad credit will need to know your credit score and income. We will also need to discuss your earning to debt ratio. Landlords as well as apartments want you to provide evidence that you gross monthly at least 3 times the rent. This is standard throughout the rental industry. Though there are some properties that have lower income requirements. Have good income and employment stability is always a plus. Rental properties are always more affordable in rural areas and suburbs. The closer you get to any big city the higher the rent will be. Three and four bedroom properties are more challenging due to the fact there are far fewer of them.  Only 1 out of 10 apartments in the USA offer 3 bedrooms. Meanwhile 1 out of 100 may offer 4 bedrooms.  There are landlords an apartments literally everywhere willing to offer second chances.

Owning a large dog can also be a major factor in’s looking for a place to live. Many properties and landlords have weight and breed restrictions. If your best friend is a registered service animal than none of this really matters. It’s always advisable to get your animals registered as a service animal.

Being able to provide strong positive references will help as well. Current employers are definitely the best references. If you are an excellent employee most employers will definitely desire you to have a secure, safe place to live in order maintain your excellence. Having a stable and secure employee benefits them as well. 

Second Chance Locators is a seasoned team of understanding, non-judgmental people with a passion to help our clients find second chance leasing. We are not commission based which opens up the entire market for you when it comes to second chance leasing. Second Chance Locators can find you a place to live nearly anywhere in the United States. After our brief interview and receiving our payment we will get to work. Soon we will  back in touch with you to provide you a list of second chance rentals. We do offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Certain conditions do apply. Please refer to our Terms of Guarantee page for more details. Do not hesitate to ask your consultant any questions. We truly want you to be comfortable when deciding to enlist our services to help you find second chance apartments and properties willing to accept your application. Our commitment is totally to you. We are not committed to second chance apartments or properties willing to pay us a commission.

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